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Do you love your pet like they're a family member? Then you should depend on knowledgeable professionals to take care of them when you can't. Pattie's Safe Haven For All God's Creatures LLC provides dog training, pet boarding/check-ins and dog walking services in the Mays Landing, NJ area.

Our certified dog trainer is prepared to work with dogs of all kinds of temperaments and backgrounds. Reach out to us today to learn more about our superior pet services.

Discover the inspiration for our business

When you're looking for someone to provide pet services, choose a professional who understands the special bond between owners and pets. Our owner Pattie was an amazing owner to her dog Samantha, and you can expect her to extend the same care to your pets.

Pattie kenneled Samantha once and noticed upon picking her up that she'd grown unusually aggravated. Pattie wasn't comfortable sending Samantha to a kennel after that. Our owner's love for her dog is the reason our business was started: to provide a superior pet sitting option. Pattie even has a tattoo of Samantha to commemorate their special relationship.

3 reasons to choose Pattie's Safe Haven For All God's Creatures

Our certified dog trainer is the smart choice for your training, walking and boarding needs. You can feel comfortable putting your pet in our care because we're:


Dedicated to offering friendly and reliable service

Able to care for dogs with special diets and medications

All dogs have to be up to date on their shots, including Bordetella, and you must provide vet records. Call us now at 609-892-6629 to let us know how we can help you.

My Little Samantha

I went to a breeders house to pick out a puppy, when I arrived the breeder took me into her dining room and explained to me if a puppy came to me on there own without me opening my mouth than that puppy was meant to be mine.

She had about 5 puppies for me to see and this little white ball of fur came over to me licking my face. Needless to say I took her home and named her Samantha.

We were best friends. We did everything together. I kenneled her once and I only left her for 3 days. I went to pick her up and She was so excited to see me. I put her in the car and seat belted her in and continued to talk to her and asked her if she had fun. Well she bit me so that let me know she didn't. I never kenneled her again. When I got married we bought a camper to be able to take her on our honeymoon. I had her from 10 weeks old and she passed away at 17 ½ years old. It took me a long time to get over her passing. In honor of her I had a tattoo made for her and that gave me closure.